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About Us




Rich volcanic soil and a unique growing micro-climate makes our coffee special... really special

Mountain Top Estate is located in the mountains above Nimbin in Northern NSW. Our coffee is like no other, it has unique qualities that are exclusive to this part of the world. With 100% Arabica K7 variety we produce specialty grade coffee that has gained fame worldwide. Our micro lot coffee has been used by several World Barista Championship contestants and on two occasions used to win World Barista Championships. With future plans to plant other varieties of Arabica we endeavour to supply the Coffee Industry with high quality varieties of bean to continue to meet the evolving specialty market.

Roasted Beans

With roasting facilities in the pipeline we will soon be offering Cafes and domestic buyers the opportunity to purchase our locally grown specialty coffee. We are extremely proud of our product and we know once you try it you will be surprised with how good it tastes. Give it a try, you'll love it!

Green Beans

Our high quality specialty grade green bean is available worldwide. Historical sales have gone to Japan, France, England, USA with repeat sales to customers. Contact us for bulk sales and pricing.