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Rich volcanic soil and a unique growing micro-climate makes our coffee unique. All our coffee, roasted or green, is sourced form our own farm. 

Mountain Top Estate is located in the mountains above Nimbin in Northern NSW. Our coffee has unique qualities owing to our low latitude, rich volcanic soil types and topograhy. Coffee grown in our region is typically Kenyan (K7) arabica, renowned for its sweetness, chocolate notes and complex fruity nature. These qualities are enhanced via the slow ripening of our low latitude region, thus comparing with high altitude grown coffee in many respects, which also has slow ripening crops. With this 100% Arabica K7 variety we produce specialty grade coffee that has gained fame worldwide. Our micro lot coffee has been used by several World Barista Championship contestants and on two occasions used to win World Barista Championships. With future plans to plant other varieties of Arabica we endeavour to supply the Coffee Industry with high quality varieties of bean to continue to meet the evolving specialty market. 

Green Beans

Our high quality specialty grade green bean is available worldwide. Historical sales have gone to Japan, France, England, USA with repeat sales to customers. Contact us for bulk sales and pricing.

Roasted Beans

Very smooth, with mild acidity and marvellous complexity our Bin 478, derived from our washed lots, is roasted to a medium/city roast level, which makes it suitable across most brewing methods, especially espresso and plunger. Its sweetness and citrus qualites also makes it particularly favourable for cold drip. 

For our Bundja, we typically roast about 50% of it slightly lighter than we do the Bin 478 to emphasis its already sweet character. We then roast 50% to the same medium/city level as our Bin 478, and then blend the two levels of roast together. It is a bit little less complex and nuanced than the washed bin 478 but it has a powerful fruity punch and a good body. Ideal for milk based servings as well as long blacks.

*Washed bean is bean that has the skin removed as soon as it is picked, natural coffee is bean allowed to have the skin dry around it whilst still on the tree. The seed thus soaks up the sugars from the fruit as well as the raisin like flavours.