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I am a huge coffee fan , i try to buy single origin from all over the world. And i think i have found the best in my own backyard!! I love the intense flavours from this coffee.  Wesley, QLD Australia. 2016


Bin 478 (Washed)

CUP QUALITY : Delicious flavours of sweet lime, oranges and lemons with a touch of red apple, green apple, banana and ripe cherries, dancing alongside with mild refined texture and sweet brightness. A long finish of brightness couched in sweetness. A dreamy cup indeed saturated with sweetness, brightness and flavours.Soft, sweet and tasty ! Nil Nil Grading Percentage Retained FRAGRANCE AND AROMA : Good fragrance. Dreamy citrus flavour especially of oranges, lemons and sweet lime, flecks of nuts, red apple and mango and a touch of banana. Sweet and sour. Delicious. 

Bin 35 (60% natural, 40% washed blend)

FRAGRANCE AND AROMA : Delicious flavours of rich ripe berries, apricots, plums, citrus, flecks of caramelized fruit, and honey. Touch of sugarcane. Sweet, heavy and solid ! CUP QUALITY : The cup is finely balanced with an array of brightness, texture, flavour and sweetness. An invigorating coffee with its rich natural flavours of ripe red berries, caramel, citrus fruit, and red apple which abound in the cup, complemented with a refined, smooth, silky texture and a lasting finish of brightness, which explodes in the palate. Delicious and sparkling!

- Sunalini Menon, Coffeelabs  India. 2014