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Mt Top New Season

Posted by Bernie, operations manager on

We are seeing a very early harvest this year and we are looking to clear all our 2013/14 current stock. Prices have been scaled down in lieu of this contingency for our bulk green beans. Our friends at MTC group last week cupped all our lots from the 2013/14 crop and gave favourable results for all our bin and bundja lots, placing them all squarely in speciality grade coffees, with our Bin 478 Extra Fancy trumping all.

Climate change seems to be having its way: the first part of our crop is the earliest to be harvested ever here. Does it affect quality? By last year's standards, which was almost just as early... by no means... if going by Sunalini Menon's example cupping of Bin 478 in April this year, commissioned by AttakaTrading.

"This coffee has a core of sweetness, brightness and flavours, whose intensities can be highlighted or changed based on the degree of roast.

At Agtron No.65, the coffee has a long nose of delicious citric nuances - orange, lemon and sweetlime, with overnotes of banana, ripe cherries, flecks of nuts and red apple. A long pulsating taste of a potpurri of flavours rich in berries, citrus, and just a hint of nuts. Creamy, refined texture adds delight to the cup. A long finish of sweetness, brightness and flavours. Delicious.

At Agtron No.45, the cup is solid, with a delicious balance of caramelized citrus with flecks of milk chocolate and nuts.A rounded mouthfeel with a bitter-sweet finish takes the palate to a delightful height. Tasty!

This coffee can be brewed on a range of equipment such as the 'Siphon', 'Chemex', 'Pour Over', 'Aeropress', 'Electric Filter' and even as an 'Espresso' with each of the brewing preparations highlighting the unique aspects of the coffee beans. A very clean cup with delightful flavours and sweetness to light the palate on a fruity journey!

This coffee can be drunk throughout the day - as a morning cup brewed on the 'French Press', 'Pourover' and 'Chemex', as a mid morning and evening drink when prepared on the 'Aero Press' and as a delicious, rounded, creamy and fruit bright espresso to finish your long day.

This coffee is delightful with any meat preparation - steak, meat curry or any red meat, which is fried, grilled or baked."

- S Menon.

Cheers, Bernie 

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