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Scott Rao Weekend Pictures

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  1. Both Classes - brewing on Saturday, roasting on Sunday - were well attended and the Rao proved up his reputation with simple and applicable tips, info, knowledge and anecdotes. It was way better than I I might have expected - I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Most of all I think the practicality and easy to assimilate way he had of putting things could only come from real experience and careful, grounded research.We made a decision late Friday to shift the venue from the Bush Theatre to the climate controlled shed at the farm. Temperatures were predicted to be extreme and were, at 38 celsius!. It was an unknown to Scott but he proved to be flexible and focused amid the kerfuffle of rearrangement, and some of my inattention to detail. A cool 23 celsius was appreciated in the shed. Owners Sam and Lorraine really helped make it splendid rather than just good with their catering skills



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