Fermented Specialty Coffee

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Specialty Coffee

This specialty coffee is the result of a world first alcohol fermentation process where the beans are left in a vat of fermented cascara before roasting. Mind bending!

Please note that due to limited supplies this fermented specialty coffee is only available in 250 gram bags.

Roaster's note: This deep impact specialty coffee was derived through what we think is a world first fermentation process. It began with collecting the fresh red fruit after pulping coffee flesh at the wetmill during harvest. The skin brew was fermented and made alcoholic. New fruit was picked and added whole to the fermentation vat. It was left there for some weeks, removed, dried and processed before being roasted. The origins of this blend becomes clear when the aroma from grinding begins. It is a powerful experience, hard to describe. Spice, ferment, chocolate. The most surprising and rewarding experience with this coffee is the way it lingers and tingles on the palate. This unique fermentation process definitely favours a colder, longer extraction such as cold brew.